Vanilla Pods (Beans)

This is vanilla in its original and most natural form, a dried seedpod.

Vanilla is only grown with commercial success in a handful of nations based around 10 degrees either side of the equator.

Like fine wine, the region in which vanilla is grown results in a distinct aroma and flavour profile unique to the region. The subtle variations of vanilla's aroma and flavour are affected by rain, soil conditions, the amount of sun as well as the methods used in harvesting, drying and curing the vanilla beans.

We have scoured the globe sourcing only the finest quality vanilla pods directly from each notable region.

  • Madagascar

    Renowned for their rich and creamy flavour profile, boasting a deep sweet aroma with notes of chocolate and caramel


  • Indonesia

    Rich aromatic earthy tones, with a unique smoky/woody flavor. Perfect for richer desserts and recipes.


  • Uganda

    The aroma is incredible with tones of milk - chocolate. Flavour is bold and unforgettable thanks to a high vanillin content.


  • Tahiti

    True Tahitian Vanilla is truly unique The pods are huge featuring a delicate floral aroma with a full rich flavour profile.