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"TRUE" TAHITIAN Vanilla Pods (Beans) - Origin Tahiti - FREE SHIPPING

"TRUE" TAHITIAN Vanilla Pods (Beans) - Origin Tahiti - FREE SHIPPING

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TRUE TAHITIAN VANILLA PODS (those actually grown in Tahiti) are incomparable and are truly unique. The difference between Tahitian Vanilla Grown in Tahiti (Vanilla Tahitensis Moore) and Tahitian Vanilla grown in PNG & Indonesia (Vanilla Tahitensis) is their Size. True Tahitian Vanilla Pods are Massive! Generally they are about three times broader and plumper than your traditional vanilla pod resulting in an extraordinary caviar yield.

Organically grown on the French Polynesian Islands of Raiatea and Bora Bora these pods offer a complex aroma with floral and fruity notes thanks to a higher natural oil and water content. Their delicate natural chemical composition means they don't work very well with heat, and are best used in 'Cold' applications. These rare vanilla pods are a favourite amongst pastry chefs for their unique aroma and flavour allowing them to produce extraordinary culinary creations.

At Sunshine Vanilla, not only are we pleased to offer the very best vanilla beans Tahiti has to offer, we guarantee their origin and offer a 100% money back guarantee should this product in any way not meet your expectations.


Large and plump, dark brown in colour with a thick and fleshy skin, slightly sticky with an oily shine


A distint fruity floral aroma with tones of cherry, liquorice and caramel


Rich flavour. Floral, fruity cherry like profile.

Botanical Name:

Vanilla Tahitensis Moore


Tahiti, French Polynesia


Gourmet quality (Grade A).



Moisture Content:


Vanillin Content:

1.2- 1.7

Best Used in:

"Cold" applications. Delicate nature doesn't hold well with heat. Works well in frostings, smoothies, pastries, pies and custards. Pairs well with fruits.

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