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UGANDA Vanilla Pods (Beans) - Grade A - Free Shipping

UGANDA Vanilla Pods (Beans) - Grade A - Free Shipping

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Our Uganda Vanilla Pods are simply incredible. Broader in appearance than both their Madagascan and Indonesian counterparts, with a predominantly higher than average vanillin content. Organically grown in the tropical climate of the Kayunga District, these are a rare find here in Australia.

Uganda, is an ideal location for growing vanilla. One of the very few equatorial regions with two distinct dry seasons per year. Each dry season allows for a strong vanilla harvest, therefore providing extremely fresh vanilla year round.

The vanilla beans themselves are incredible, featuring an earthy aroma with tones of milk chocolate. A very high vanillin content results in a strong bold flavour perfect for rich desserts and chocolates.

At Sunshine Vanilla, not only are we pleased to offer the very best vanilla beans Uganda has to offer, we guarantee their origin and offer a 100% money back guarantee should this product in any way not meet your expectations.

At the moment we only have a limited amount in stock, and are only offering these in smaller quantities. We do however have more on order, expected to arrive late July / early August. Please contact us if you would like to pre-order larger quantities.


Dark brown glossy appearance with an oily texture. Usually wider and plumper than Both the Madagascan and Indonesian varieties.


Uniquely sweet earthy aroma with tones of milk chocolate. 


Rich deep bold flavour.

Botanical Name:

Vanilla Planifolia




Gourmet Quality (Grade A).



Moisture Content:


Vanillin Content:


Best Used in:

Ice creams, pastries, baked goods, desserts and beverages.

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