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INDONESIAN Vanilla Pods (Beans) - Grade A - FREE SHIPPING

INDONESIAN Vanilla Pods (Beans) - Grade A - FREE SHIPPING

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Our Indonesian Vanilla Pods are super long 18cm+ giving you more vanilla caviar yield per pod. Organically grown on the Indonesian Island of Java, these Grade A vanilla beans offer excellent value!

Indonesia is the world's second-largest exporter of vanilla producing vanilla beans that are usually longer and thinner than their counterparts from Madagascar. They do however have a deep and rich flavour profile and are perfect for richer desserts like caramel and  chocolate based deserts.

At Sunshine Vanilla, we are we pleased to offer the very best vanilla beans Indonesia has to offer, we guarantee their origin and offer a 100% money back guarantee should this product in any way not meet your expectations.


Dark brown glossy appearance with an oily texture. Usually longer and thinner than the Madagascar variety.


Sweet with a unique smoky / woody aroma.


Rich deep flavour, with notes of raisins and prunes

Botanical Name:

Vanilla Planifolia




Gourmet Quality (Grade A).



Moisture Content:


Vanillin Content:


Best Used in:

Ice creams, pastries, baked goods, desserts and beverages.

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