Make your own Vanilla Extract!

Make your own Vanilla Extract!

Making your own REAL vanilla extract is super easy and quick (not counting the time you have to wait for it to ‘cure’ though!).

What’s more is that you know exactly what it contains! In general store bought Vanilla Extract contains some form of sugar to give it a sweeter taste, however if you are using you’re vanilla extract for baking you don’t need the added sugar at all! It will also be a lot easier on your pocket!

 To make you own Vanilla Extract you will need the following:

  •  A one litre bottle of Vodka. It doesn’t need to be the best bottle of Vodka in the shop but you’re extract will be nicer if it’s not the cheapest either!
  • 12 Vanilla Beans. (We generally use 3-4 vanilla beans per 250ml alchohol)
  • Smaller sized bottles (if you prefer)

 Slice your vanilla beans in half, keeping the ends together.

Submerge 3-4 Vanilla Beans per 250ml Vodka, making sure the Vodka completely covers your beans.

Store in your pantry for 6-8 weeks, giving it a nice shake whenever you remember to. You can start using it earlier, depends on the depth of flavour that you are after.

When you’re bottle is getting low, you can refill with Vodka and maybe pop another one or two Vanilla Beans in to add some fresh flavour. Alternatively once you’re bottle is empty you can reuse the spent beans in your new mixture combined with some new Vanilla Beans. Maybe cut the old ones in half so you know next time which ones have been used already.

 No store bought vanilla extract will come close to this! Pure flavour at its best!

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